"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other" J F Kennedy
Leadership literature/ resources
Professional Development and Mentoring opportunities
Some extra resource for supporting children and families

Leadership literature/ resources

For anyone who feels the need to read further, I have attached what I think is some pretty interesting reading

In 2000 the OECD published Starting Strong I, an inquiry into the quality of early childhood education. It would be a starting point for the massive push for higher quality services within Australia
Transformational leadership: A snapshot of Kenneth Leithwood's work: Seven strong claims about successful school leadership
a quick summary of the impact of transformational leadership
Kotter: Why transformational efforts fail.
Distributive leadership in early childhood. Johanna Heikka, Manjula Waniganayake and Eeva Hujala
Professional learning community
Effective professional learning communities
Need to review your service philosophy? This is a good place to start.
Educational leadership and team building
It is critical to understand the role of the educational leader.
Building authentic, strength based and constructive relationships with children and families is the critical foundation to any early childhood program. This PSCA fact sheet provides some great ideas for supporting your educators understand the importance of relationships at a deeper level
creating a welcoming and inclusive space should be our priority from day one. This PSC Alliance resource provides some great ideas for leaders to reflect on for their early childhood setting

Professional Development and Mentoring opportunities

Because the needs of each early childhood service and community are unique we don't provide prescriptive training. We listen to your needs or if we are providing mentoring sessions to groups, the collective need of the community and then develop our training for you.

Understanding and developing trauma informed practice when working with young children and families. Understand vulnerability and risk in the early childhood setting.
Learn and develop your leadership capacity to understand and prepare for new NQF elements of a professional learning community and culture
Do you need to find professional support that is right for your team? Do you want reassurance that theory learnt is embedded into stronger practice across your setting?

Some extra resource for supporting children and families

Pedagogical leadership is an important skill to being a successful leader but sometimes we don't always have the answers. These resources have been added to give a little extra support

Literature review – a trauma-sensitive approach for children aged 0-8year
understanding the needs of vulnerable children and developing appropriate programs
Everyone needs some free inspiration. Here are a few facebook pages that we think build our knowledge of EC. If you have one you would like to add, let us know.
Visual aids. Faces to help children recognise and understand emotions
Need some new songs about feelings?
Red Flag developmental check list
'A resource to help you deliver a quality early learning program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Foundations for Success provides additional guidance to the Early Years Learning Framework and is packed with information, inspiration and good practice advice.' Queensland Government