Professional Development and Mentoring for Early Childhood Services

Our practice leaders use strength based approaches to coach and mentor early childhood educators and/or leaders.  We believe that great leadership places more emphasis on what educators are doing well rather than on what should be done better.  Therefore we build constructive relationships that provide a safe reflective space to inspire new ways of thinking, with the knowledge that a Cedar practice leader will be there to help educators and leaders through the challenging times.

Our support plans, coaching and mentoring practices are underpinned by the National frameworks. We are committed to sharing our knowledge with the early childhood community by supporting your team through all or part of the reflective practice cycle.

We will document and provide you with a comprehensive body of evidence linked to your service QIP to support accreditation

01Gather Context
Your service's early childhood philosophy, educators, children, families, community needs and your vision for the future.

02Collect / Analyse / Plan
Facilitated reflective workshop/s to mentor teams to develop consistent practical and achievable strategies right for the needs of their children and families needs.

03Act / Do
Supported mentoring sessions to ensure there is sustained change and to overcome the complexities of translating theory into practice.

04Reflect / Review
  Identified strengths and possible areas for on-going reflection.

Flexible individualised support plan for your early childhood community

We understand that operational and day-to-day demands can sometimes take priority but that the quality of your programs and educator practice is still a primary focus.  Therefore we will work hard to help you and your team to reach their NQF aspirations.

We will work with you and develop a strong and committed professional partnership to build an inclusive, professional early childhood learning community.

We will learn about your early childhood setting and learn what you require from us. Together we will develop an individualised and strategic support plan for your team which can be linked to your service QIP.

A professional partnership that is an extension of your  professional learning community.

We are experienced in leading change and developing outstanding early childhood programs.

With our support you can achieve:

  • Effective leadership strategies to manage teams resistant to change.

  • A collaborative, reflective, strength-based learning community.

  • Support to identify NQF strengths and areas for potential improvement.
  • High functioning programs and practices that are creative, child led and engaging.

  • Authentic and constructive partnerships with families.

  • Programs that support the complex developmental needs of children.

  • Trauma informed approaches to working with families and children with complex needs and behavioural challenges with support from a practice leader with significant professional experince within Child Protection.

  • An awareness of risk factors in early childhood including child safety and family violence.

Support professional development and VIT registration without expensive backfill

To the best of our capabilities we will try and schedule our support to work for you and your team.  We provide certificates for every educator that demonstrates their collective and individualised professional development and learning through our support plan.


We'll help get you there

We provide effective, practical practice solutions, expert advice and a flexible service delivery to help you get the PD, support and/or mentoring you need for your educational team.
Practice actions and strategies that are
right for your early childhood setting